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Bright Colors for a Budgerigar...

Foreground and Background Added

1. If your picture has a strong central subject, like this budgerigar, then it's usually best to start by working out your color scheme and design for that first.

I wanted to create a strong, bright design for this picture so I chose bright orange for it's body and bright yellow for it's beak.

I also colored the branch light brown which contrasted nicely with, and complemented, the other colors that I'd chosen so far.

Central Figures Added

2. Next, choose a colour for the background.

I chose a light blue background since this contrasted nicely with the orange and yellow of the budgerigar.

I also colored the wings bright green to further enhance my design.

Design Completed

3. Now, that the composition of your picture has been established, it's time to add the detail.

I used salmon pink for the bird's feet and I tipped its wings with bright magenta to make them stand out.

I also included a lighter shade of yellow as I was completing the budgerigar's head and beak.

This provides some variation which will will add interest to your pictures.

Frame Added

4. Finally, it's time to add the frame.

I chose a purple frame which contrasts nicely with the bright colours of the budgerigar but you could try other colours and sizes for your frame.