How to Print Your Pictures

You can print your pictures using almost any drawing or photo editing software that you have on your computer as long as it allows you Copy and Paste and select a rectangular region that you can then Save or Print out.

Photoshop and CorelDraw are both great but if you want to use something simpler why not try GIMP, or Microsoft's Paint program.

To print out your pictures, simply follow the three steps below.

Step 1.

Press the 'Alt' and 'PrtSc' (which stands for Print Screen) keys together to capture your artwork and Copy it to the Clipboard. Alternatively, you can also use any Screen Grabbing software (such as Screen Grab Pro) that you have available for this step.

Step 2.

Next, fire up your drawing program and Copy the contents of the Clipboard into it.

Step 3.

Finally, select the region of the canvas containing your picture and either Save it as a new picture which you can then Print, or Print it out directly.

You can find detailed instructions for two of the most common packages, Microsoft's 'Paint' program, and GIMP, below.