Boy and Turtle

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Picture Frame


Frames and Backgrounds

Green Frame and Bright Yellow Background

1. The color of the frame and the background that you choose for your picture can make all the difference to it's overall look and feel.

For the picture on the left, I chose a bright yellow background.   This goes well with the green grass and the red cap and trousers which I'd decided on earlier.

To finish the picture, I chose to add a green border.

Black Frame and Light Blue Background

2. For the picture on the right, I chose a light blue background which also goes well with the turtle and the boy on the grass.

To finish the picture, this time, though, I added a black border.

Both pictures look great but the first is much livelier and more energetic than the second even though the same colors were used for the boy and the turtle in each.

Which do you prefer?...

Why not try out some combinations of your own and see how they compare.