Can-can Dancers

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Picture Frame


A Night-time Scene Featuring "Can-Can" Dancers

Foreground and Background Added

1. First, add the foreground and background to your canvas.

I decided to paint a nightime scene so I chose yellow for the foreground and purple for the background.

This creates the impression of a strongly light area in which the dancers are performing.

Central Figures Added

2. Next, choose your colour scheme for the dancers.

They are the central elements in the design so the colours that you choose will have the greatest impact on the overall look and feel of your picture.

I chose four different colours for the dancers but you could choose the same colour for each if you like.

You could also try different combinations of colours for the dancers to see how they look.

Design Completed

3. Now, it's time to complete your design.

I've used light yellow to give the impression of light shining on the women's bodies.

I've also used light colours elsewhere to emphasize the strong, bold, colours of the dancers dresses.

Frame Added

4. Finally, it's time to add the frame.

I've chosen blue for this picture but why not experiment with your own sizes and colours for your frame.

Of course, it doesn't have to be a nightime scene.

You could easily try other colour schemes of your own to create a daytime setting - so why not have a go!.