Cherub and Flowers

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Five Steps to Creating a Cherub and Flowers

Central Figure

1. If your picture has a strong central figure, like this cherub, then it's usually best to start by working on the colour scheme for that first.

I chose a salmon pink for the body of my cherub and a combination of yellow and orange for his wings.

The bright colors of the wings provide a focal point for the picture and they also contrast nicely with the pink that I used for the cherub's body.

Background and Ribbon Added

2. Next, choose a color for the background.

A light color will work best, here, since this will emphasize and highlight the cherub to best effect.

I chose light blue for my background but you could choose a different color if you like.

Then, decide on a color scheme for the ribbon.

I chose light green and blue since these colors complement those of the cherub and the background.

Detail Added

3. Now that you've decided on the overall composition of your picture, you can start to add the detail.

For this picture, I decided to leave the flowers until last since there are lots of color schemes that will work well against the light blue backround.

You could add them at this point, though, if you like.

Flowers Added

4. Now, it's time to add the flowers.

I chose purple and magenta for the petals since these colors contrasted nicely with each other and also added some variation to the design.

I also chose bright yellow for the centers of the flowers.

This not only contrasts nicely with the darker colors of the petals but also picks out the flowers in the canvas.

Border Added

5. Finally, I added border to my picture.

I chose a dark blue border which contrasts nicely with the light blue background, and the purples, greens and yellows in the rest of the picture.

Of course, this is just one example of how to complete a picture like this and there are lots of other possibilities that you could explore.

For example, why not start by trying out some other color schemes and designs for the flowers and see what you come up with!.