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Picture Frame


Night and Day

Daytime Scene

1. Sometimes light and shadow can be used to really enhance your pictures and bring them to life.

Take the scene on the left, for example.

One way to begin might be to paint in the foreground and background as I've done here.

Notice that I've made the foreground slightly lighter than the background to make the central characters stand out.

Nightime Scene

2. We might be able to create a much more dramatic picture, though, by making a feature of the light coming into the mouse's hole from the hallway.

As you can see here, the scene is brought to life simply by emphasizing the light coming into the mouse's hole and, I think you'll agree, it makes for a much more dramatic picture.

I used two shades of yellow to give some contrast between the light in the foreground and background and I also colored in the suitcase on the left magenta to set the scene for the rest of the picture.

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