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Five Simple Steps to Creating a Great Flower Design

Main Elements Added

1. First, identify the central elements which will be the focus of your picture. Everything else will relate to them, so it's important to fill them out first.

I've chosen magenta and purple for the stand and base, and I've used three red roses as the main elements in my design.

The main aim, to begin with, is to set out the composition of your design.

Don't worry about the details just yet, you'll add those later.

Foliage Added

2. Next, add the main areas of foliage.

I've used two colors, light green and dark green for my foliage, as these provide some variation which adds interest to the picture.

Again, don't be too particular about things just yet.

The main thing is to set out the composition of your design first. Once that's done, you'll find that everything else will fall, easily, into place when you come to add the detail later.

Complete Your Picture

3. It's now time to add some of the the medium scale elements to your picture.

I've scattered some purple and orange flowers, in roughly equal proportions, throughout the canvas.

Try to make things look balanced but also, remember to add some variation so that your picture looks natural without being too regular.

Once again, don't be too precise about where you place things at this stage. You can always make minor changes later on if you're not completely happy with them.

Add a border

4. Now, it's time to add the fine detail to your picture.

Simply, fill in the remaining areas with whatever looks right in each location.

If the overall composition of your picture is good then you'll find that, at this stage, your creation will come together really easily.

Complete Your Picture

5. Finally, it's time to add the background.

For a bright, colorful picture like this, a light background will, generally, work best.

I chose a light blue background but any light color which doesn't clash with the main picture will look great.

And that's it - five simple steps to creating a great looking picture.

Of course, you can easily try out lots of other colors and combination to create your own designs so why not give it a go!.