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Creating a Floral Design

Section of Foliage Added

1. Sometimes the subject of your painting will influence the choice of colours that you use.

For example, with a flower design like the one on the left, you would naturally tend to choose shades of green or brown for the foliage, (if you wanted to make your painting look realistic).

For this type of picture it's usually best, therefore, to start by working on those parts of your design first.

You can then work out the composition of the other parts of your picture, more easily, later.

I've used two shades of green to provide some contrast and variation in the foliage.


2. Of course, you have much more choice over the colours for the rest of the design so let's work on those next.

I tried out several different combinations of colours for the flowers before deciding on yellow and magenta.

I also chose a light blue background which would accentuate and highlight the flowers in the design.

As you can see, I tried out my designs on a small section of the canvas first.

Don't worry about filling out all of the canvas just yet - that comes later.

Detail Added

3. Now, it's time to add the detail to your picture.

Remember, if you've previously worked out the composition of your picture then this stage will be easy and your design will come together very quickly.

As you can see, I chose to alternate the colours of the petals but you could choose any combination of colours that you like.

Border Added

4. Finally, you could add a border to your design if you wanted.

This picture already has a border but I chose to add a bright yellow surround which contrasts nicely with the black inner frame and also shows off the rest of the picture .

Of course, this is just one example of how to complete this type of picture.

There are lots of other ways to complete a design like this so why not try out some ideas of your own and see what you come up with!.