Flying Squirrels

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Adding Highlights

Animals Added

1. Sometimes adding highlights to parts of the canvas can really bring your paintings to life.

For the picture on the left, I began by adding the two flying squirrels.

Background and Tree Added

2. I then chose dark brown for the main body of the tree which has the effect of bringing the squirrels forward in the design.

I also chose light blue for the background which contrasts nicely with, and draws attention to, the two squirrels.

Detail and Highlights Added

3. Next, I added a touch of medium brown to parts of the branches and some green foliage in the background.

By leaving some areas white, though, I've highlighted parts of the canvas that would otherwise go unnoticed.

As you can see, this really adds an extra dimension to the painting and it's a technique that you can use in your own pictures to great effect.

Frame Added

4. Finally, I added a dark blue border to complete the picture.

As you can see, adding highlights, like this, can give a feeling of space to your designs and really make your pictures stand out .

Of course, highlights can be used in lots of other ways to help bring your pictures to life so why not try out some ideas of your own and see what you come up with!.