Friendly Cat

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Picture Frame


Four Simple Steps to Creating a Great Picture

Choose your Main Colors Choose a Background Color

1. Choose your colors for the main item in your picture; in this case the friendly cat. Here, I've given him a bright yellow body with orange stripes.

2. Next, choose your background color. I've chosen a light blue which contrasts nicely with the yellow and orange cat.

3. It's then time to complete the rest of your picture.

Complete Your Picture Add a border

4. Once you're finished, it's time to add a frame.

Simply, click on the color and width sliders in the Picture Frame box and adjust your frame until you're happy with it.

Here, i've chosen a dark green frame which contrasts, nicely, with the orange and yellow of the cat, and the light blue background.

And that's it - you're finished!.

Of course, you can easily change change the colors if you're not happy with them or simply want to try other combinations.

Try experimenting with different color combinations and backgrounds - you never know what you might come up with...