Horse and Bridle

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Six Simple Steps to Creating a Horse and Bridle Picture

Horse's Body Colored In Background Added

1. First, choose a color and fill in the main body of the horse.

I've used brown but you can choose any color you like.

2. Next, choose a background color. I've used light blue , here, for a realistic look.

Horse's Body Completed Main Bridle Colors Added

3. Then, color in the rest of the horse's features, including it's main.

I've used dark brown which contrasts with the lighter brown the horse's body.

4. Now, it's time to start adding the main elements of the bridle.

I've chosen magenta as the main color with yellow for the buckles.

Bridle Completed Border Added

5. Once that's done, fill in the rest of decoration in the bridle.

I've used yellow and purple for the main lines but you can choose your own colors if you like.

6. When that's finished, it's time to add a frame.

I chose a green border which contrasts, nicely, with the rest of the picture.

And that's it - you're finished!.

Of course, you could easily use other color schemes for your own picture.

Try experimenting with different colors for the bridle and then choose a border to match...