Horse in the Field

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Five Steps to Creating an Equestrian Scene

Section of Foliage Added

1. If your picture has a strong central subject, like this horse, then it's usually best to start by establishing the colour scheme for that first.

I've chosen a dark brown for the horse.

I also chose light magenta and purple for the foreground, and light blue for the background.

The colours that I chose for the foreground were slightly unconventional but they complemented the rest of the design and also add interest to the picture.


2. I then chose my colour scheme for the bushes.

I used light and dark green to provide some variation in the design.

As you can see, I tried out my designs on small sections of the canvas first.

Don't worry about filling in the detail yet - that comes later.

Detail Added

3. Next, I tried out several combinations of colours for the saddle before deciding on pink and magenta.

These colours contrasted nicely with the horse and matched the overall colour scheme of the picture.

Border Added

4. Now it's time to add the detail.

Remember, now that you've worked out the composition of your picture, this stage will be easy and, your design will come together very quickly.

As you can see, I chose to highlight the horse's head and main.

This shifts the focus of the picture towards the front of the horse and also makes for a slightly more interesting design.

I also added shadows by colouring parts of the ground beneath the horse a slightly darker shade of purple .

Border Added

5. Finally, I added border to my picture.

I chose a green border which contrasts nicely with the greens, purples and browns in the rest of the picture.

Of course, this is just one example of how to complete an equestrian scene like this.

There are lots of other colours and styles that you could use so why not try out some ideas of your own and see what you come up with!.