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Science Fiction Landscapes

Plain Background

1. Science fiction scenes can be a great opportunity to really let your imagination run wild and explore bold or unusual colour combinations and styles in your pictures.

Take the scene on the left, for example.

You could paint the sky blue and the landscape brown or green if you wanted to create a realistic Earthlike scene.

It could be some distant planet, though, where things are very different.

In this example, I used bright magenta for the sky and two shades of yellow for the landscape.

It's certainly an unusual combination but is perfectly possible and makes for a striking picture which has lots of impact.

Light Shining Through Mousehole

2. Here's another example.

For this scene I've used red for the sky and brown for the landscape.

I've also used light yellow to highlight the craters in the foreground and the mountains in the distance!.

This brings the whole scene to life and creates the effect of artificial illumination from the explosion taking place above the planet.

Picture Completed

3. Or why not try bright green for the sky, magenta for the foreground, and purple for the mountains in the distance!.

It's certainly an unusual combination, I think you'll agree, but makes for and exciting picture which has lot's of impact.

Border Added

4. Finally, here's a nightime scene using dark blue for the sky.

I used bright green for the foreground to give the effect of a strongly light surface and light yellow to highlight the mountains in the distance.

And that's about it!

Remember, you're only limited by your own imagination when it comes to science fiction scenes like this so try to be creative as you possibly can, you never know what you might come up with!.