Mouse with Scary Mask

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Picture Frame


Light and Dark Backgrounds

Dark Blue Background

1. Whether you use a light or a dark background can make all the difference to the look and feel of a picture.

For the picture on the right, I started with a dark blue background.

I've chosen magenta and purple for the stand and base, and I've used three red roses as the main elements in my design.

The main aim, to begin with, is to set out the composition of your design.

Don't worry about the details just yet, you'll add those later.

Bright Green Background

2. For this version, I started with a light green background.

After trying a few different color combinations, I decided to give the scared cat an orange body and brown paws since these colors contrasted nicely with the background.

I also added a dark brown border to this picture which complemented the rest of the scene.

Again, don't be too particular about things just yet.

The main thing is to set out the composition of your design first. Don't be afraid to try out unusual combinations of colors easily, into place when you come to add the detail later.